mixtape: one shiny summer

it’s been a few months since the last one. this is a collection of shiny sounding summer beats. electric and swerving. back to the basics of pretty instrumentals, trip hop, smoky bass, and sultry vocals. best served at an afterparty… or the long walks home at stupid o’clock after a messy but fulfilling night.

mixtapes by alx: one shiny summer

1. Late Night Fruit – Marang (1:20)
2. Berry Weight – Yeti’s Lament (3:30)
3. Inspired Flight – It Always Takes (4:08)
4. PHANTOGRAM – As Far as I Can See (3:29)
5. Deceptikon – Way of the Samurai (4:05)
6. Doctor Flake – Melting Feelings (3:09)
7. sayCeT – We Walk Fast (3:46)
8. School of Seven Bells – Half Asleep (4:20)
9. Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill (3:49)
10. Smile Smile – Beg You to Stay (2:37)
11. Wax Tailor – Dry Your Eyes (feat. Sara Genn) (3:41)

running time: 38 minutes

download: http://vexed.ca/2010-06/mixtapes-by-alx-one-shiny-summer/


we generate our own electricity.

there are few things more fun in life than talking about the universe with the pretty brunnette on the exercise bike beside you. i usually have my mp3 player with me, but i forgot to charge it last night. the battery died about 20 minutes in. i see her most mornings, but never on the bike — always on the treadmill or elliptical. we’ve never really spoken aside from the customary greetings. probably the magical hand of fate at play here.

i like it when a culmination of coincidences make some it seem like this is the way things are supposed to be. there’s nothing wrong smoke and mirrors occasionally.

she wants to take me ‘for tea’. i told her that sounds a little sophisticated for me. she said there’ll be lots of honey — not that i needed any more convincing.

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the best morning of my life.

unless you’re warning me about the zombie apocolypse, never ever bang on my door to wake me up. use the buzzer. call me. fire off a text. never put fist to door — EVER. i’ll be pissed. and when i open the door, don’t stand there and give me the “what?” look. speak your business. i care nothing for neighbourly pleasantries. it’s quarter to 7 in the fucking morning asshole, and i barely had 4 hours of sleep. thanks.

let’s compound this with the fact that once i cross that 90 minute sleep threshhold, once i am woken, there is no way i am going back to bed, so here i am sitting at quarter to 7 in the morning, trying to think of an eloquent way to express my rage. but instead, i’ve decided that complaining is the best route to take. so here goes.

at work, there’s a girl who’s under the delusion that she’s in love with me. she had been a constant source of consternation for my last girlfriend (who ended up being the possessive and surprisingly dangerous jealous type). sometimes shows up at work cradling tupperware containers, filled with really delicious home-cooked food — one of the more tragic rarities in my life.

she is very, very, very sweet. and very pretty. and she’d be a great mother to children. she was raised on a farm with 3 older brothers who all play hockey. but.

she is very, very, very boring. since hiring her just before christmas, i don’t think i have ever had a conversation with her that lasted for more than 10 minutes. so i have no idea why she would even like me. but my friends say i’m crazy, and i need to give her a chance.

so i did.

we went to a book fair and wine festival last week. still boring.

i have a friend who is interested in a girl who can be most accurately described as somewhat sketchy and rather flimsy. why guys get interested in these types of women, i’ll never understand. ok that’s a lie: i’ve been enamored with the type before. when i was younger. and my standards were non-existent. but these unions almost always end in bloodshed. or at the very least, tears and terrible poetry.

first of all, you shouldn’t have to out of your way to convince a girl to like you, especially if she’s the type that has no issues fucking with your head by pitting you up against some competiton. we aren’t in camelot anymore. also, if she always talks to you about how ‘she needs to breakup with her boyfriend’, that means it would be nice but it’ll probably end up taking a while before she’ll ever muster enough backbone to go through it.

do you really want to expend all that energy on a girl who, at the end of the day, is going to be sleeping in the same bed with a guy she just spent the last 6 hours bitching about?

you deserve better.

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as if by magic

this is a two-parter. first disc is electronic beats for bad but enthuastic dancers. second disc is cheesy lovesongs for listening to when a little tired and your guard’s been let down.

as if by magic

part 1: packratterdom

1. Depth Affect — Hero Crisis (4:01)
2. Dirty Elegance — Aural Mist (3:59)
3. Boy is Fiction — As Far From Here as Possible (6:18)
4. Fat Jon — Her (3:38)
5. Josh Martinez — Time Alone (4:38)
6. Get Busy Committee — My Little Razorblade (3:32)
7. Metaform — Crush (2:51)
8. Urbs & Cutex — The Thing (3:50)
9. Four Tet — She Just Likes to Fight (4:35)
10. Ognihs — The Distance (Between) (4:16)
11. Abstrackt Keal Agram — Pièce (4:27)
12. Doctor Flake — Le Vaste Espace (4:04)
13. Guts — And The Living Is Easy (5:14)

running time: 55 minutes

part 2: transatlanticism

1. Camaromance — 28 Balloons (4:26)
2. Flunk — Sit Down (6:25)
3. Emancipator — When I Go (5:34)
4. IAMX — Spit It Out (3:34)
5. Ingrid Michaelson — Soldier (3:37)
6. CHEW LiPS — Slick (4:41)
7. The Brunettes — In Colours (2:41)
8. Lucky Soul — Ain’t Never Been Cool (2:44)
9. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour — The Sun Ain’t Shining No More (3:37)
10. Vampire Weekend — Oxford Comma (3:15)
11. Polly Scattergood — Please Don’t Touch (3:49)
12. Blue Sky Black Death — Secrets (4:35)
13. Polly Paulusma — This One I Made For You (4:22)

running time: 53 minutes

click here to download: [2010] as if by magic.rar [148mb]

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