You should have taken me with you.

  1. Beirut – Santa Fe
  2. Purity Ring – Fineshrine
  3. Wildlife Control – Brooklyn
  4. Noah And The Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
  5. Jasmine Ash – Give A Little Less
  6. Sleep Thieves – City Lights
  7. The New Division – Soft
  8. The Vaccines – I Always Knew
  9. The Jezabels – Catch Me
  10. The View – The Clock
  11. Those Dancing Days – When We Fade Away
  12. Wild Belle – Keep You
  13. Summer Heart – Hit Me Up Again
  14. Meiko – Real Real Sweet
  15. The Mostar Diving Club – Worlds Apart

[April 2013] You Should Have Taken Me With You (116.2 MB)

I knew it was a bad idea, but you talked me into it

Mostly upbeat, guitar-driven and electro-inspired good times.

[November 2012] I knew it was a bad idea, but you talked me into it


  1. The New Division – Start Over
  2. Lisa Mitchell – Spiritus
  3. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Suburban Space Invader
  4. Wildlife Control – Analog or Digital
  5. Air Traffic Controller – Hurry Hurry
  6. Frivolous Life – YesYou
  7. Matt & Kim – It’s Alright
  8. Radical Face – Always Gold
  9. Boy Girl Party – Be A Jerk
  10. Jukebox The Ghost – Oh, Emily
  11. School of Seven Bells – Faded Hearts
  12. Sleep Thieves – Disappear Here
  13. Lucy Rose – Bikes
  14. The Lumineers – Stubborn Love
  15. Taken By Trees – Dreams


[Nov 2012] I Knew It Was A Bad Idea, But You Talked Me Into It (132.2 MB)

Remember when we used to see each other everyday?

Made for the birthday of a girl I used to know.

Disc 1 – 15 Songs from Me

  1. The xx – Intro
  2. Faded Paper Figures – Small Talk
  3. Architecture in Helsinki – Do the Whirlwind
  4. The Roots – The Seed (2.0) feat. Cody Chesnutt
  5. Alice Russell – Hurry on Now (feat. TM Juke)
  6. Doctor Flake – Le Vaste Espace
  7. The Knife – Heartbeats
  8. PHANTOGRAM – As Far as I Can See
  9. Portishead – Roads
  10. Röyksopp – What Else Is There?
  11. Handsome Boy Modeling School – I’ve Been Thinking (feat. Cat Power)
  12. Inspired Flight – It’s The Chemicals (feat. Scarub)
  13. Stornoway – Zorbing
  14. Sarah Harmer – Don’t Get Your Back Up
  15. Stars – Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It

Disc 2 – 15 Songs to You

  1. A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover
  2. Sia – Breathe Me
  3. Slovo – Weebles Fall
  4. Duffy – Syrup & Honey
  5. Neverending White Lights – Ghost Ship (feat. Hot Hot Heat)
  6. The Kooks – She Moves in Her Own Way
  7. Frou Frou – Hear Me Out
  8. Kid Loco – A Little Bit of Soul
  9. Hooverphonic – Mad About You
  10. Dappled Cities – Born at the Right Time
  11. Feist – Secret Heart (live in Paris)
  12. Meiko – How Lucky We Are
  13. Keren Ann – Lay Your Head Down
  14. Kate Nash – Nicest Thing
  15. Scouting For Girls – The Light Between Us


There’s a light in this tunnel, and I think it’s a train.

It was my birthday on Friday. I drove out to Montreal Friday night to hang out with an old flame. We ate honey garlic chicken wings, watched the Avengers, knocked back a 26er of Findlania, which led to many more terrible decisions thereafter. But at least they were fun terrible decisions.

I haven’t slept in 40 straight hours (quite possibly more, since I’m terrible at math).

Needless to say, I’m exhausted to the point of stupidity. l can’t shake the jitters I got from knocking back a half-dozen of 5 hour energy’s to keep me conscience. I feel like I’m on a completely different planet right now. It was probably a terrible life choice to have been behind the wheel of a vehicle at any point in the last day and a half.

My only reprieve is that it’s been raining all day here. The breeze has kept my over-caffeinated, sleep-deprived nerves from getting too frayed. I’ve had the stereo on hard thump all day long. The subwoofer hasn’t had to do so many pushups in a while.

I hope these songs remind you of me one day.


  1. Neverending White Lights – Starlight (feat. Todd Clark)
  2. Dappled Cities – Born at the Right Time
  3. The Heartbreaks – Polly
  4. Sleep Thieves – Please Call Back
  5. Hooverphonic – 2Wicky (With Orchestra version)
  6. LP – Tokyo Sunrise (live)
  7. Chromatics – Kill for Love
  8. Soom T – Dirty Money (an-ten-nae remix)
  9. Museum of Bellas Artes – Bear Cubs
  10. Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone
  11. Lovers – Don’t You Want It
  12. Stars – Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
  13. Scouting For Girls – The Light Between Us
  14. Feist – Secret Heart (live in Paris)


[Sept 2012] Theres A Light In This Tunnel (126.0 MB)

We no longer build monuments.

I guess the idea of making mixtapes has gotten pretty antiquated. In a high-bandwidth culture of à la carte and pick-and-choose and on-demand, we can tailor almost everything to suit our needs. We are free to experience the world solely on our own terms. But as much as technology has liberated us, I can’t help but feel something gets lost in the mix of virtually limitless choice.

You know that moment you hear a song that you immediately know is going to change the course of your life? I’m talking about those songs that embed themselves so deeply into your consciousness that even the most unforgettable moments of your life would feel sorrowfully incomplete had you not heard that song at that exact moment. While I have no research to back this up, I’m wagering that you only ever hear these kinds of songs maybe a dozen times in your life.

And that’s why we share — sharing has always given us a tangible way to express how we experience the world, to connect. At its most basic, I think the totality of the human experience is a constant struggle to feel a bit less lonely.

While I agree that the digitizing of our culture has vastly benefited our lives on almost every conceivable level, I can’t shake the feeling that it has also made our experience with the world more fleeting, more temporary, more pigeon-holed as we explore everything ourselves, with little need for outsiders to give us direction. When anything can be removed with the press of a keystroke, everything we experience loses permanency.

We can no longer build monuments that stand the test of time. For most of us, everything about who we are and what we’ve done and thought and touched and felt will amount to nothing more than transmissions of electrons whizzing around circuits on microchips.

Sure, while we can share everything to everyone at any time , it has essentially turned us all into broadcasters. When everyone’s broadcasting, nobody’s listening.

So I make mixtapes:

  1.  Icon of [July 2012] I Hope This Makes Up For It [July 2012] I Hope This Makes Up For It (96.5 MB)


  1. Phantogram – [Nightlife CD1 #01] Don’t Move
  2. Blue Sky Black Death – [Noir CD1 #02] And Stars, Ringed
  3. Sound of Guns – [Antarctica CD1 #03] Antarctica
  4. Sleigh Bells – [Reign Of Terror CD1 #04] End Of The Line
  5. Metric – [Synthetica CD1 #05] Breathing Underwater
  6. Porcelain Raft – [Strange Weekend CD1 #06] Unless You Speak From Your Heart
  7. The Raveonettes – [Into The Night CD1 #07] Into the Night
  8. Tennis – [Young And Old CD1 #08] Petition
  9. Ursula 1000 – [Mondo Beyondo CD1 #09] Tropicadelica
  10. Paper Lions – [Trophies CD1 #10] Travelling
  11. Standard Fare – [Out of Sight, Out of Town CD1 #11] Half Sister
  12. The Weepies – [Say I Am You CD1 #12] World Spins Madly On
  13. Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – [The Dust of Retreat CD1 #13] Jen Is Bringin’ the Drugs